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HV Analog

Based on NSI standardized process platform, we provide customized chip design and tapeout services.
NSI’s technology of power and analog based on the existing low-power logic platform can provide module architecture, and provide lower costs and superior performance for analog and power applications. The technology includes bipolar transistor, high voltage LDMOS transistor and precision analog passive devices.
These technologies have been focused on 0.35 μm, 0.18 μm and other technology nodes, and has the leading state of art of analog and power devices.

Based on existing technology, utilizing the R&D experiences of NSI team in 0.18μm, ~ 0.13μm logic, power management chip processes and so on, combined with capability of the technical process researching, product designing, and to further reducing device size, promoting reliability, add new devices of variable voltages and applications, expanding processes and product types, including 9 categories and 68 kinds of process node from 0.8μm to 5μm, Covers CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS, EEPROM, VDMOS, BCD, SOI and many other process varieties, operating voltage range from 3.3/5.5v to 600V, even 1200V, mainly used in analog, DA hybrid, RF circuit product manufacturing, high voltage high power devices and circuits and other special applications.

Based on the original design technology emerged from IMP, the company adopts mature SMIC process platform to manufacture, featuring high precision, low power consumption and low temperature drift. The test voltage of this series of products covers the requirements of most electronic products. Mainly used with microprocessor (MCU). With the rise of the Internet of things (IoT), the application of MCU is becoming more and more extensive, and the market size of watchdog monitoring chip is also gradually increasing. Mainly used for microprocessor reset circuit, battery power supply system, power on reset circuit, power supply detection circuit.

Based on our 200V/400V SOI BCD design and combining with SMIC's 0.18μm and 0.13μm PMU processes, NSI launched the 0.18um 40V power SOI BCD process platform, which has the advantages of low Ron, high voltage withstanding, high reliability, low noise and disturbance, and no latch-up effect. It is the best choice for the next generation of portable devices fast charging source management chip.

HV Analog